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At Skyshine, we believe in delivering quality above all other aspects. With web hosting, we offer the best packages in terms of the quality, timeliness and adaptability to the needs of the customer. We are available around the clock to provide the needed support. With us, you will never be left in the dark when the site encounters an issue. Our web hosting services include Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and CMS Hosting.



We offer shared hosting of web services for our customers at the best rates possible. With shared web hosting, several of our clients share a single server. This method is favored by a lot of customers due to the low costs it requires compared to other types of web hosting. The other advantages of using our shared web hosting services include:
• Convenience We will manage the essential aspects of your website and free up time for you to focus on your core business.
• Customization Your website will be your own and will allow you to easily make customizations as you please. We offer an easily-understandable interface for you to make the changes you desire.
• Efficiency Our shared hosting services offer you enough bandwidth to run the services you need on your site without running into any issues. We ensure this by only allowing a certain number of users on a single server to ensure that the resources are not choked out in usage.



With virtual private server (VPS) hosting, the customer has their own server to host their data. This kind of hosting is one of our specialties where we offer customers the very best of web hosting on the market. VPS does not require you to share a server with another user. In this kind of scenario, you have a lot of advantages over shared hosting including the following:
• Cost effective compared to using dedicated hosting plans.
• It is highly customizable.
• It if highly flexible in terms of the costs and what you use.
• The user as more control over the services they want and the bandwidth they can attain.
• The technical support for this kind of hosting is the best as it is deification to each user.



Cloud hosting is a relatively new model of web hosting and it comes with lots of advantages over traditional web hosting methods. For this reason, Skyshine has focused on providing the best of cloud computing to our clients at the best rates possible. Unlike the use of physical servers to host websites, cloud computing harnesses many different servers to allow the client chose only the features they need to use and pay for. The benefits of using our cloud hosting services include:
• Scalability: with this type of hosting, resources are used when required without the limitations of physical servers.
• Reliability: the reliability of cloud hosting comes from the fact that it uses many different servers hence is able to obtain the required capacity even when one server fails.
• Highly responsive: being able to use many different servers at a single time means that your website will never be slow as bandwidth is always available on demand.
• Secure: both physical and virtual security features are availed for this type of hosting to ensure you always have the peace of mind to focus on your tasks no matter the situation.



CMS (Content Management System) refers to web applications that eliminate the need to manually manage online content on agiven website. With CMS Hosting, Skyshine focuses on making it easy to create and manage websites for the large number of our clients. The main types of CMS hosting services we offer include:
• WordPress WordPress is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to CMS hosting. With more than 17,000 plugins and a large community of users, it is quite easy customizing the look and feel of your site besides finding solutions to your problems. With Skyshine, all that can be done for you for next to nothing. Simply tell us what you want with your website and we will do it for you.
• Joomla Next to WordPress in popularity is Joomla. It is also easy to use in terms of customization and number of features at your disposal. We have used Joomla for a lot of customers given its level of flexibility and ease of use.
• Drupal Third on our list of CMS hosting options is Drupal. While more complex than both Joomla and WordPress, Drupal has tools that clients with more complex needs will find handy. It offers more flexibility and more tools to create a more comprehensive website as per the needs of the customer. At Skyshine, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced experts dealing with Drupal and how to tailor it to the needs of our customers. With all types of CMS hosting, we are dedicated to ensuring your site as the proper features, adapts to any screen size and is SEO-friendly for search engine ranking. Among the advantages of using CMS hosting from us include:
• Fast creation and deployment of websites.
• A lot of features are free to use thus cutting the costs.
• The site will have advanced functionality.
• The site will be user friendly.
• Maintaining and using the website in general will be easy.


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